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NodeJS CMS Development

With blazing fast NodeJS, build your content management system which is reliable, minimalistic, and of course, easy to manage.

NodeJS API Development

Hexamarvel utilizes the power, speed, and scalability to develop APIs that can be easily integrated into your applications.

NodeJS and Amazon Web Services Integration

The cutting-edge cloud advantage of AWS when integrated with the speed and simplicity of NodeJS gives your application a seamless high power performance.

Expert NodeJS solutions with Hexamarvel

The expert developers at Hexamarvel have immense experience in creating data-intensive applications with high efficiency and absolutely no lagging. We develop open-source, cross-platform JavaScript NodeJS for both frontend and backend and ensure that they have the ability to handle multiple requests simultaneously making your application lightning fast.

Hexamarvel simplifies the development and deployment process with reusable modules and components. All you have to do is, share your business goals with us, and our consultants will suggest the right solutions accordingly. No matter what your NodeJS development requirements are, we can handle it all.

NodeJS REST API development and integration

Integration of stateless client-cache-server REST with JavaScript NodeJS uses the staggering number of modules to creates a smooth communication between servers for building and developing a high level of customization in applications.

Single Page App development

With the help of NodeJS, Hexamarvel can create single page applications for your business that dynamically update the same page on a set time interval or with user interaction, instead of loading a new page.

Mobile Backend with NodeJS API and NoSql Database

Build your mobile application's backend with NoSQL databases and get better efficiency by utilizing NodeJS JavaScript for querying. With event-loops running in a single process, NodeJS reduces the response time to switch between threads, making the mobile applications scalable and fast.

Real-Time Solution and Data Streaming Apps

NodeJS enables bidirectional event-based communication for real-time frameworks. For applications with real-time response requirements such as chats, games and syncing with other devices, NodeJS at the backend ensures seamless and swift movement of data even with the low-speed network.

Social Networking and Collaboration Applications

Social networking applications are data-intensive and require highly intuitive navigation, and a NodeJS backend can easily implement all those features. The real-time responsive and universal language of NodeJS can help develop collaborative features across different platforms with the same impressive speed.

Custom NodeJS Programming

At Hexamarvel, we create custom and robust NodeJS applications that can handle parallel connections with higher efficiency. We start by understanding your business problems and long-term goals, and then we design NodeJS applications that can be the solution to all the problems and increase your organization's conversions as well.

Real-time chatbots
Integration with WebRTC and Web Socket
System Monitoring Dashboards
RESTful API Development
Marketplace Development
I am thrilled with the website that Hexamarvel technologies created for me! It turned out exactly as I had hoped and I've received many compliments on the design and layout. Hexamarvel were professional and reliable and very available to attend to my needs and requests.
Joanne LipinksiFounder Director, Babycreate

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