10 Most Reliable Frameworks for Web Application Development in 2021

June 15, 2021 Hexamarvel
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With so many choices, It can be difficult for you to choose the best framework for web application development. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 10 frameworks that offer a wide range of features and functionalities..

Nowadays Businesses are willing to increase their online presence with the help of sophisticated and user-friendly web applications. But at the same time, it is quite confusing to choose the best framework that satisfies a business’s needs.

On the other hand, it is difficult to capture clients with a simple online presence because everyone expects something different which makes you stand out from the crowd.

So, companies should adhere to the following two benchmarks while choosing a web application development framework-

  • They must analyze their requirements properly and then come to the conclusion of choosing the right web app framework.
  • Framework’s adaptability to cope up with changing business needs must be considered.

10 Amazing Frameworks for Web App Development in 2021

As a prevalent web application development company, Hexamravel conducted extensive research and picked the top 10 frameworks for your web application development requirements.

1 – Angular.JS


Angular is a framework created by Google and a community of programmers that allows us to create effective Web Apps. It is a framework for building large-scale, elevated web applications that are also easy to manage. Angular is used to create a large number of web applications. Also, One of its most notable characteristics is code reusability.

Why choose AngularJs?

  • Has a diverse set of components for developing rich web applications.
  • AngularJS offers rapid loading time
  • Removes the need for DOM manipulation.
  • It Allows two-way data binding.

2 – Laravel


Laravel is a framework that adheres to the MVC structure. This framework is marketed as an imaginative framework with beautiful syntax. It has a fantastic ecosystem of different toolkits that enable you to rapidly and easily build PHP-based apps.

From cross-platform development environments with debugging tools to subscription invoicing and app acceleration, you’ll find everything that you need to help with the advancement of your business by successful web app development.

Why choose Laravel?

  • Larval has user-friendly features.
  • Larval includes a code reusability function to speed up the process.
  • It is very effective for the development of business and industry apps.

3 – Vue.js


Vue.js is a cross between heavier and larger frameworks such as Angular and React. If you already have an application, Vue is simple to incorporate without requiring major reworking or code refactoring.

The VueJS development framework is usually used to build a Single Page Application and a vibrant user interface. This open-source structure can conveniently be used to expand legacy applications. You can create a better user experience with the assistance of its optional instruments.

Why choose VueJs?

  • The size is small.
  • Vuejs is very simple to learn.
  • It is simple to develop an application and integrate features in VueJS.
  • Coding is responsive and versatile.

4 – Node.JS


Node.js is more than just a framework; it is an entire environment. It has been the developer’s favorite for a long period of time and is anticipated to stay in the future too.

It aids in the development of customizable and fast network applications because it is worthy of handling a wide variety of concurrent connections with exceptional productivity, resulting in high optimization. If you want a full JavaScript ecosystem with all of the toolkits, Node.js development may be perfect for you.

Why choose Node.js?

  • Node.js includes tools for developing asynchronous event-driven apps.
  • This web application development framework has been widely used and well-supported.
  • It has a simple learning process.

5 – Ruby on rails.

Ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an MVC framework written in the Ruby programming language. It is regarded as a beginner-friendly framework because it enables them to initiate web app development quickly. Ruby on Rails provides a variety of tools, as well as a large number of libraries and datasets, to try to reduce the number of time needed to create an app.

It also excels at automated testing, which is an excellent feature for ensuring the quality of a software framework. GitHub, Shopify, Hulu, and Airbnb are just a few examples of large businesses that use Ruby on Rails and are doing quite well.

Why choose ROR?

  • Rails’ community is very friendly and dependable.
  • The MVC structure aids in connecting the interlinked parts.
  • Large libraries that aid in the convenience of common programming tasks
  • Trouble-free bug fixing.
  • It offers personalized URLs.

6 – Django


Django is a Python-based web application framework that can be used to create rich web APIs and adaptive web application designs. It enables programmers to build less code to create extremely scalable, dependable, and expandable web apps. It is also referred to as the Model-View-Template framework.

It provides essential methods and techniques to developers so that they can create high-security web applications or incorporate security mechanisms into the framework on their own, such as limiting the execution of code in the template layer.

Why choose Django?

  • Django has all you need
  • Ecosystem and reusable apps
  • Django is based on DRY Principle
  • Django is scalable and reliable

7 – Flutter


Flutter is JavaScript-free because it is a framework written in Dart, a language developed by Google for developing server-side web applications for desktop applications.

It is a Google product that can be used to create iOS and Android mobile applications. Flutter is used by a variety of websites, including Tencent, Google, and Alibaba.

Furthermore, this language does not necessitate the use of UI components as it is already applied. This is how games and other web apps written in this framework achieve the fastest possible performance. The Hot-Reload scheme assists the platform in re-creating and focusing the widget tree from the start.

Why choose Flutter?

  • Requires a lesser amount of code to create a web app.
  • Offers the feature of hot reloading.
  • Flutter includes a number of IDEs that are user-friendly for developers.

8 – React.js


React is a JavaScript library rather than a framework. ReactJS is a JavaScript open-source platform managed by Facebook and a large community of developers. When you need to reconfigure data in a large web app without reloading the entire app, use React.js.

Because it was the first web application framework to use a component-based structure, React drew a lot of attention from brands and companies. It also offers a straightforward interface for web app development. As a result, React can also be thought of as a rich internet development environment.

Why choose ReactJs?

  • There is a large community of support and plugins.
  • Uses the Declarative programming method, which is congruent with HTML.
  • Approaches Based on the Components
  • SEO-friendly characteristics.

9 – CakePHP

Cake php

CakePHP is a PHP-based open-source web development structure that has grown in popularity since its beginnings. Professionals can easily create web apps in an organized and timely manner by using CakePHP.

One of the most significant benefits of using CakePHP is that detailed documentation and practical guidance are included with this web app framework, making it easier to code.

By using this framework, developers can quickly create web applications. If you use this framework for development, you will be able to accomplish more while writing less code. Through this framework, you could even reuse code from previous projects, making CakePHP web app development faster.

Why choose CakePHP?

  • It is simple to understand and provides a lot of flexibility.
  • It provides a versatile database access layer.
  • A set of guidelines for developers.
  • Input validation tools are built-in.
  • SQL injection avoidance.

10 – Spring


Spring is a widely known web application development framework that is particularly useful for developing enterprise-level Java applications. Spring allows developers to create back-end applications in Java. It is a Model-View-Controller structure that is used by many developers to create straightforward, robust, fast, and flexible Java systems and applications.

In terms of size and sophistication, it is a small framework. As a result, it aids in reducing the complexity of the app code. The container not only helps with the layout but also with the lifespan and arrangement of different applications.

Why choose Spring?

  • Spring employs POJO, and it necessitates the class rather than the subclass.
  • Spring provides developers with the ability to customize it without the need for a web or app server.
  • There are several advantages to using AOP which spring offers.
  • It allows for simple verification and interdependence infusion.

Final verdict

When making your ultimate decision, bear in mind that it would not be about the set of features that a framework offers. It is about the framework’s actual functionality and how web application developers can use those functionalities to meet specific needs.

As a result, select one of the frameworks based on your project requirements and save time & expense by leveraging customized solutions.

So, if you are looking to hire a skilled web application development company then, hire programmers from Hexamarvel, to effectively target your intended audience.

Before assisting you in selecting the “perfect” web application framework, our professionals will brainstorm on your concept, recognise your market situation, competitive advantage, user base, and all other variables. Please contact us in case of any queries and help, we are more than happy to help you out!

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